Auscript has a strong history of providing reliable service to Australian clients – wherever, whenever.

From shorthand note taking to analogue tape recording and now digital audio, our people have always gone the distance – whether it’s in a CBD courthouse or in the middle of the Australian bush.¬†Auscript history is longstanding, serving our clients since 1921.

Auscript has a long history of providing evidence services across Australia. Starting in 1921 as the Commonwealth Reporting Service (CRS), we were the Government’s sole provider of transcript for the courts of law. Shorthand transcription was the norm, and it wasn’t unusual to see young women and men running back from the courts to dictate their shorthand to typists to transcribe.

By the 1970s, the CRS had moved with the times and was using audio tape to record hearings for transcription at a later date. With recording technology, court hearings didn’t necessitate a stenographer, meaning that typing pools across Australia began to increase in size and capacity.

In the late 1990s, the Australian government privatised the CRS, resulting in the formation of Auscript Pty Ltd.  Almost all original transcription and recording staff were retained in the purchase.

Auscript’s potential as a truly valuable evidence delivery service was realised in 2004, when the current owners purchased Auscript Pty Ltd and began trading as Auscript Australasia Pty Limited.

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