Every day, we provide a wide-range of services to clients across Australia.

Whilst we occasionally get to test our capabilities on some left field services, we spend most of our time assisting with Audio Transcription, Real-Time Transcription, Digital Audio Recording, Online Audio Portal, Secure Transcription, Transcript Analysis software and eCourts and Digital Courtroom Design.


Audio Transcription

Auscript Transcription services: Transcription is the name given to the process of converting the spoken word into text. Audio Transcription is when that process is applied to a sound recording and typed using a computer. Auscript is the industry leader in accurate, confidential and fast audio transcription, and provides a range of standard and bespoke audio transcription services to clients as diverse as ASX-listed companies and law enforcement agencies.

The Process

From your files
You record your event, upload the audio to our Secure FTP site and we get to work on it for you ASAP. When the transcript is complete, it’s sent straight to you in Word and PDF format.

From recordings we make for you
If you can’t/don’t want to record the event, or will be too busy taking part in it, we can provide an on-site or remote recording service for you. Often the remote recording service is best for teleconferences or recordings with 2-3 participants, and because we don’t have to have a tech on site, it is a more budget-friendly option. The on-site service is ideal for larger events like AGMs, community forums and debates etc. A dedicated account manager will oversee detailed planning and work with our tech division to define and test the best solution in the lead up as well as being your contact on the day – right up until the transcript is delivered to you.

How to Book

You can order audio transcription by:

  • Ordering online using MyAuscript (Court transcripts only)
  • Phone 1800 287 274
  • Download, complete and fax back the relevant order form to +61 7 3503 1199

Cost considerations

Prices vary based on audio quality (if we didn’t record the audio), how soon you need it, and, in the case of the judicial jurisdictions we cover, the contracted rates that have been agreed with the Court. Jobs that require a recording service are naturally, a little more expensive than if you record it yourself.


Real-Time Transcription

Auscript is an industry leader in the provision of real-time services. We provide clients with a draft transcript, that can be viewed and interacted with as court cases and events happens—just minutes behind the spoken word. Once a case has adjourned or event ended, Auscript’s expert Document Mergers and Production Supervisors quality check each transcript and deliver a final transcript within two and a half hours, in either email or hardcopy form.

Where Auscript provides a stenographer, our technology instantly converts their stenographic notes into text, which is displayed on computer monitors or projection screens around the courtroom or venue. The stenography machines used today are fully computerised, allowing stenographers to deliver complete transcripts within hours, even minutes, of court adjournment. The technology also allows parties to mark-up and annotate relevant areas of the transcript for further action. Auscript also provides real-time transcription to complement our audio recording services.

How to Book

You can order real-time transcription services by:

  • Phone 1800 287 274

Digital Audio Recording

Auscript provides sophisticated digital recording services to clients nationwide. We employ innovative portable and permanently installed technology in a variety of locations across the country to deliver excellent standards in audio recording. Auscript recordings are transferred in near real-time to our national production offices where they are transcribed. At present, Auscript records in excess of 100,000 hours of audio a year.

Auscript’s Solution

To ensure an exceptional standard of quality and efficiency, Auscript utilises state-of-the-art digital audio recording solutions and high-bandwidth network technology to record and document important verbal events. We employ secure servers to stream audio from the point of capture to our production offices around the country. It is this commitment to innovative audio capture that allows Auscript to provide clients with a transcription accuracy of 99.25%.

Ideal for

  • Court Hearings
  • Board Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Teleconferences
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Focus Groups

Features and benefits

Portable Digital Recording:

Auscript’s sophisticated digital portable recording kits are used to record events for a diverse range of industries nationwide. We provide a fast, non-invasive set up of recording devices; secure servers for the transfer of audio; a professional and reliable team of monitors; and unrivalled transcript quality.

Fixed Digital Recording:

Auscript has successfully implemented the latest recording technology in Australia’s largest Courts and Tribunals. Our built-in digital recording equipment and centralised monitoring systems ensure that the highest quality audio is provided to Auscript Monitors and typists. Auscript has proven experience in undertaking large scale projects, and currently owns and operates digital recording devices in the:

Teleconferencing Recordings:

Auscript has the ability to dial into any location and capture a quality recording over the telephone line. Our Brisbane office is equipped with sound reinforced teleconference recording rooms that are maintained by experienced IT and AV Technicians to ensure the highest audio quality. Clients have found teleconferencing recordings particularly useful for investor and media briefings, meetings, interviews, arbitrations and any urgently called upon recording services.

How to Order

If you would like Auscript transcription services for your event or a hearing, you can:

  • Phone 1800 287 274
  • Download, complete and fax back this order form to +61 7 3503 1199

Online Audio Portal

In 2009, Auscript worked with the Family Court of Australia and the Federal Magistrates Court (now the Federal Circuit Court) to build a web portal for court recording playback.  In 2011 the application was redesigned and rebuilt to take advantage of improvements in technology.

Auscript’s Solution

In the Judicial sector, Court.fm is the result of this work, and it is defined by its simple user interface and considered functionality.

Court.fm is Australia’s first online portal of court hearings and is the only way to listen to matters over the Internet.

Recordings are available as quickly as 10 minutes after the spoken word, so you can follow matters as they happen (or after the fact) from any location. Any authorised user can simply log in to the Court.fm website and select the relevant hearing.  Should a transcript be desired, it’s a simple matter of identifying the appropriate passages on the in-built order form and ordering the transcript.

Ideal for

  • Performance review
  • Event clarification
  • ‘Any time’ access
  • Identification of extracts for transcription

Security Cleared Transcription

Auscript is trusted by the nation’s top law enforcement and intelligence agencies to transcribe highly confidential and sensitive information. Law firms and listed companies also regularly engage Auscript to transcribe classified recordings for added peace of mind.

Auscript’s Solution

Many Auscript production staff around the country hold security clearances from Federal Government departments and authorities. These clearances range from National Police Checks to higher level Security Clearances at Protected through to Top Secret level.

These staff are readily available to clients in need of highly confidential or security classified recording and transcription services.  Auscript currently provides security classified services to several large Australian law enforcement and intelligence organisations.

Ideal for

  • Internal Investigations
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Witness Statements
  • Sensitive Corporate Material
  • Surveillance Recordings


  • On-site or in-office transcription: Auscript secure staff can work as embedded members of an investigations team, or as on-call transcribers in our secure typing locations.
  • Stepped security levels: We match the certifications of our staff to the requirements of the job.
  • Service you can trust: Keeping the record safe is our primary objective. Once the completed transcript and source audio has been safely delivered to the client, we remove all copies from the Auscript system.
  • Current clearances: Our staff cannot work on secure audio without appropriate, up-to-date certification.
  • Quality and speed: Auscript is the fastest distributor of quality recordings and transcripts, delivering on time, every time. We offer a number of cost-effective delivery options to best suit each client.

How to Order

You can order a secure transcript by:


Transcript Analysis Software

For those seeking to work more deeply with their transcripts during litigation or ADR, and even collaborate with colleagues, Legalcraft Transcend offers significant promise.  It is a powerful application that can be accessed either on a local PC, off an evidence server in the enterprise and even off mobile devices like iPads.

Transcend streamlines managing transcripts with ability to review historic and real-time transcripts, either in single user mode or multi user collaborative mode. Transcend has a vast array of features designed to assist the end-user in analysing vast sets of transcripts efficiently.

How to book a demonstration

You can :


eCourts and Digital Courtroom Design

Auscript can provide design and construction advice on all courtroom projects.

We believe the design process for these projects is not limited to the selection of components only, but rather, requires complete room integration. As a result, we place as much emphasis on the physical and architectural characteristics of the room, the skills and capabilities of the operator, and the nature of the business conducted within the room, as we do the technical requirements.

Auscript’s Solution

We have designed and built some of the most prestigious and important court facilities in the Australasian region. Some of our celebrated customers include the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of New Zealand, and the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia. We offer complete design capabilities all the way from the design process through to the implementation of equipment and successful operation of the technical systems. In addition to this, Auscript also completes courtroom technology refurbishments.

Ideal for

  • New Courtroom design
  • Courtroom upgrades
  • Implementation of new technology


  • Technological fit outs: Auscript can design and provide the appropriate technology to accommodate for the specific needs of your courtroom.
  • Architectural collaboration: Auscript can collaborate with the architectural team to ensure the acoustic properties of the room are optimised for your purposes.
  • Ongoing Support: We can provide ongoing remote support capabilities and Help Desk services.

How to Order

You can find out more about eCourts and Digital Courtroom Design by:

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