Auscript Difference



To be the most successful, innovative and secure digital recording and transcription organisation in the world.


Our Core Values
Collaborative Innovation

Why we Exist

To provide our clients with a trusted, accessible and quality service in the capture, delivery and storage of the ‘spoken word’ in the timeframe and medium the Client demands.

Our Culture

Completely Committed to our Clients and Quality focused and as a result easy to do business with.

Our Daily Mantra

“Quality delivered on time, every time.”


Service Standards

Guaranteed Quality

Auscript guarantees every transcript is over 98.5% accurate.

Our highly skilled staff can type at over 80 words a minute and transcribe 50 million words a year. They have specialist knowledge in legal, medical, insurance and business terminology. All staff must meet our quality and efficiency KPIs. Auscript’s Quality and Training Officers review each staff member every 120 days, including regular spot checks.

Our innovative online and portable technology captures and distributes recordings in real-time, enabling authorised people to listen from anywhere and we transcribe recordings in any format, captured by Auscript or the client.

Where Auscript records events:

  • Audio is captured digitally and transferred within seconds of the spoken word in 5-10 minute packets over Auscript’s secure Wide Area Network
  • Simultaneously, Auscript’s staff across Australia transcribe events as they happen, enabling very fast transcript turnaround
  • For long recordings, multiple typists will work on ‘turns’ (5 or 10 minute audio blocks)
  • Our expert Document Mergers and Production Supervisors quality check each transcript before it is delivered to the client.
  • Our website enables clients to order transcripts and track the status of every job in real-time.

Fast and always on time

Auscript is the fastest distributor of precise recordings and transcripts, delivering on time, every time. Through Cortex, our online production system, we can track the status of every transcript to ensure each one is completed on time.

We offer a choice of cost-effective delivery options to suit each client:

  • Real-time – Auscript record and transcribe events simultaneously, distributing recordings via our secure website within seconds and delivering a final copy of the transcript throughout the day.
  • Within 2 hours – Auscript can record an event and will deliver a quality transcript within two hours of that event’s completion.
  • Fast Response – Client’s can choose from 6, 24, 48 and 72 hour turnarounds.
  • Slow Response – Delivered 3, 5 or 10 days from order.

Highest Security

Auscript is trusted by the nation’s top law enforcement and intelligence agencies, courts and companies to transcribe highly confidential and sensitive information. Our robust processes are geared towards to maintaining the integrity and safety of clients’ recordings and transcripts and minimising the risk of both human and technological data loss – whether it be intentional or inadvertent.Our secure and encrypted website enables clients to upload recordings and store transcripts, with granular permissions that ensure each user can only access the information they are authorised to, with full trace capabilities.

Our secure wide area network is protected at all times by industry-leading 128-bit SSL encryption. Auscript can store recordings and data for seven years, with continuous monitoring and tracking of all digital assets and hardware, bolstered by off-site back-up. In addition to undergoing police checks, all employees are required to complete a Confidentiality Agreement, a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form and sign Auscript’s Code of Business Ethics and Behaviour before commencing work. All staff must hold relevant security clearances from National Police Checks to higher-level Security Clearances (Protected to Top Secret).

Easy and Convenient

Auscript makes it easy and convenient to order and access recordings and transcripts. We provide a single point of contact to provide full accountability. Auscript can transcribe almost any type of recording you can make.

Clients can choose to:

  • Have Auscript record and transcribe an event, from court hearings through to annual general meetings
  • Drop off recordings at any of our facilities across Australia
  • Email digital recordings or upload to our secure website

We distribute recordings and transcripts when and how you need them. Auscript can:

  • Upload them to a secure client portal on our website, enabling authorised users to access content from any location
  • Email them directly to an authorised person or upload them to a client’s secure server
  • Courier them on portable media

Innovative Technology

Auscript is the breeding ground for the court reporting technologies of tomorrow. As the first nation-wide digital court reporting provider in the world, we have pioneered solutions to offer the fastest, most accurate and secure audio recordings and transcriptions.

Digital audio is more than just a replacement for tape cassettes. We discovered early on that a combination of process and software is critical, investing five years developing unique tools that increasingly allowed us greater control and visibility of the transcription process—from recording, ordering, processing through to quality checking and delivery.

In 2010, Auscript’s internal software development division became Court Record Solutions (CRS) Pty Ltd with the objective of commercialising the technology we had found so useful internally and taking it to the world. CRS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Recording Holdings Pty Ltd, the group that is governed by the same Board of Directors as Auscript. As CRS continues to grow, so too does Auscript – it is a wonderful example of a truly symbiotic relationship: where the lessons we learn day-to-day can be converted into a technology solution, and then tested by Auscript in the real-world in a short space of time.

Our continued investment in innovative technology to increase the speed, accuracy and volume of recordings and transcripts—enables our clients to keep improving their efficiency and transparency.

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