Auscript can dial into any location and capture a quality recording over the telephone line at short notice.

This can be useful for analyst briefings and meetings as well as important internal calls. A range of security clearances are available on staff to ensure the most appropriate level of confidentiality.

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Why Auscript?

We’ve worked with some of Australia’s (and the world’s) largest companies to develop a reliable ‘on-call’ service that complements the often unpredictable hours of a publicly-listed company. Our precise written record of what was said can be produced in hours and quickly distributed to your key stakeholders.

Ideal for

  • Complete investor relation communications
  • Distributing to media outlets
  • Using for internal review and risk assessment


Audio Transcription

Auscript has perfected the process of turning the spoken word into text. Every corporate transcript is produced ‘by hand’ in Australia: Auscript audio transcribers listen to audio as the event takes place and convert it into the final typed document for swift distribution.

Digital Audio Recording

The Auscript digital audio recording service is the cornerstone of our modern operations. Police-checked recording personnel can be on site to capture important events with full confidentiality and professionalism, or can dial in for remote recording services.

Audio Playback Portal

We offer on-site and off-site solutions to capture audio and visuals to the highest quality, and can then publish them to our secure online portal for access by your investors and the media.

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