48 hours to move an entire office…

2020 has been a unique and challenging year for most of us, and our Brisbane team are certainly no strangers to ‘expecting the unexpected’.

The saying was proven true Saturday 31 October, when one of our Audio Transcribers discovered water leaking from the ceiling of our Brisbane CBD office.

Due to a burst water pipe in the building at 180 Ann St, our entire floor was flooded within an hour.

While there was water pooled throughout the office and severe damage to our physical space, our team remained safe.

It’s thanks to many dedicated team members who jumped in to help that we were able to not only save personal belongings and critical office infrastructure, but also in a heroic effort, continue ‘business as usual’ by Monday morning.

Our team leaders’ goal was to move to a new location with minimal disruption to our team’s ability to deliver for our customers, as well as to ensure the comfort and safety of our team members.

Within a matter of 48 hours our entire office was moved out and fully functioning in a new temporary location on Eagle St.

Our teamwork and adaptability have truly been inspiring to our leaders and each other. From Monday 2 November, we have been monitoring court recordings, answering customer queries and delivering transcripts.

Thank you to our court clients for their support and understanding and to every team member who helped us adapt to and make the best of this unexpected situation, including the following:

  • Averil Jewell
  • Peyton Jewell
  • Kirsty Blackadder
  • Katrina and Mark Jenkins
  • Brock Mateja
  • Micah Tuck
  • Jodi Woodroff and Kris Milne
  • Sharron and Alan Myers
  • Jessica Oey
  • Jesse Drewett
  • Angela Howard
  • Kylie Duncan
  • Vanessa Lancaster
  • George Morison
  • Sudipto Bhattacharya
  • Scott Davis
  • Sharon Johnston
  • Dain Osborne
  • Lachlan Buckle
  • Matthew Rouse
  • Matt Dodds
  • Liam Farquharson
  • Matt Cuff
  • Wayne Hoggett
  • Ismail Masood
  • Darren Isbell
  • Andy Lye
  • Brad Davies