At Auscript, a VIQ Solutions Company, we offer more than just transcripts. 

Our work affects the lives of people in our community and plays a critical role in our justice system. Since our beginnings in 1921, we’ve worked on some of the biggest cases in Australian history and each day we bear witness to justice as it happens. 

This year marks our century of court recording and transcription services for the Australian justice system and innovation continues to be at our forefront. 

Our team delivers approximately 2.3 million pages of transcript annually and records more than 200,000 hours of court proceedings per year across more than 450 courtrooms. We partner with courts across Australia to create accurate and timely transcripts, depended on by victims of crime, families, self-represented litigants, corporate clients and the media. 

Our court clients include: Federal Court of Australia, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General in Queensland and the Department of the Attorney-General in Western Australia.

Auscript’s strong operational acumen and industry leadership is an asset to VIQ. Together we harness more than 140 years of recording and transcription expertise meeting our client’s needs. VIQ is a global leader providing solutions that result in secure, accurate and reliable transcripts and translations. Our blended digital solutions suite, paired with our services, creates efficiencies for clients all over the world in industries such as courts, criminal justice, insurance, government, corporate finance and media.

Our Company

There are a number of reasons why we are the global market leader in recording and transcription services.

  • Fast and on time: We transcribe over two million pages annually – with delivery options available as quickly as within seconds of the spoken word
  • Guaranteed quality: We produce transcripts to high accuracy ratings and capture audio with absolute clarity
  • Reliable recording: We capture hundreds of thousands of hours of audio across thousands of courtrooms globally
  • Simple and transparent: Our transcription production platform provides online ordering and tracking of every transcript in the production cycle, with full access to analytics to measure our performance
  • Robust security: We securely transfer audio and transcripts via our 128-bit SSL encrypted WAN, and offer dual redundancy with two back-up data centres.

Our Leadership

Our History

  • 1921 – Started as the Commonwealth Reporting Service (CRS)
  • 1970s – Using audio tape to record hearings for transcription at a later date
  • 1990s – The Australian government privatises the CRS
  • 1992 – Begin trading as Auscript Australasia Pty Limited

We work closely with all of our clients to ensure the on-time delivery of a high-quality service

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