Auscript is one of the world’s leading transcription and court recording organisations.

  • Auscript captures over 200,000 hours of court audio and delivers more than two million pages of transcript each year
  • The story of Auscript began in Australia in 1921, where we started as a federal government department (then known as the Commonwealth Reporting Service)

Our Company

There are a number of reasons why Auscript is the global market leader in recording and transcription services.

  • Fast and on time: We transcribe over two million pages annually – with delivery options available as quickly as within seconds of the spoken word
  • Guaranteed quality: We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider – producing transcripts with the highest raw accuracy rating of 99.5% and capturing audio with absolute clarity
  • Reliable recording: We capture hundreds of thousands of hours of audio across thousands of courtrooms globally
  • Simple and transparent: Our transcription production platform provides online ordering and tracking of every transcript in the production cycle, with full access to analytics to measure our performance
  • Robust security: We securely transfer audio and transcripts via our 128-bit SSL encrypted WAN, and offer dual redundancy with two back-up data centres.

Our History

  • 1921 – Started as the Commonwealth Reporting Service (CRS)
  • 1970s – Using audio tape to record hearings for transcription at a later date
  • 1990s – The Australian government privatises the CRS
  • 1992 – Begin trading as Auscript Australasia Pty Limited