Auscript lends support to the Bar Association of Australia

Auscript has continued its record of backing Australia’s legal industry by sponsoring the Australian Bar Association and Victorian Bar Association’s annual Advanced Trial Advocacy Intensive course.

The five-day course, held at the Federal Court of Australia in Melbourne, trains legal practitioners in the essential skills of presenting an application, opening a case, examining-in-chief, cross-examining and making a closing address.

Auscript supported the 40 participants and coaches by providing real-time transcription for the Master Classes and standard transcription across more than a dozen other courtrooms throughout the course.

The skilled Auscript team spent the week typing every word spoken in real time, with live transcripts displayed on screens throughout the Master Classes.

Auscript General Manager Kate Gaske said the company provided more than 70 mock trial transcripts throughout the five days, on top of providing its Real-Time and services.

“Auscript is always looking for opportunities to support our partners in Australia’s legal industry,” Ms Gaske said.

“It is also useful for us to demonstrate our capability to legal practitioners, ensuring they have confidence in our service and are aware of the innovative solutions we have available.”

The services Auscript provided allowed the participants to review and reflect on their performance throughout the Trial Advocacy Intensive program, giving them a permanent record of the feedback they received from their coaches.

All of the digital recordings captured from the classes throughout the course were immediately made available to participants on Auscript’s exclusive secure online portal,

Auscript is the market leader in recording and transcription services, and has the highest quality ratings in the country (over 99 per cent raw accuracy).