Auscript plays key role in creating the court record of the future

Ground-breaking court innovations that Auscript is helping to develop were recently revealed to the world in London at the Modernising Justice Conference.

Auscript’s exclusive Australian court recording technology partner, For The Record (FTR), revealed what the court record of the future could look like when the Company’s President and Chief Technology Officer Tony Douglass shared the stage with pre-eminent court technology expert and the director for the Center for Legal and Court Technology Professor Fred Lederer.

Mr Douglass said the seminar explored developing digital technologies and considered what the court record looks like today and into the future.

“There are emerging digital technologies which could dramatically improve the accuracy of the court record and the manner in which it is used,” he said.

Auscript General Manager Kate Gaske agreed, saying the future of the record looked positive so long as the focus favoured utility over novelty.

“As a recording and transcription firm, we see the court record as sacrosanct, so, of course, quality and reliability must always come first,” she said.

“We also know that the record is next to useless if it’s not accessible at the right time, and with technology changing so rapidly, we are really excited to be working with FTR on initiatives that increase access to the record without undermining quality and reliability.”

The Modernising Justice Conference was attended by 350 senior delegates from across the United Kingdom’s criminal justice system, including the Police, Home Office, Ministry of Justice, Cabinet Office, the Crown Prosecution Service and many more.

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 About FTR

FTR pioneered the digital evidence recording technologies which are globally regarded as the standard choice for capturing a true, fast and secure record. FTR leverages its real-world learnings to offer simple, reliable and cost-effective mission-critical digital recording and transcription solutions. Its award-winning solutions are used in 65 countries, across 27,000 installations. FTR is actively engaged in worldwide consulting on the design and implementation of appropriate technology in courtrooms.

About Tony Douglass

As FTR President and Chief Technology officer Tony Douglass has led the development of FTR’s world-leading digital audio recording, online streaming and transcription management tools and services. Mr Douglass has over 20 years’ experience in digital recording for courts and law enforcement. In 1999 he founded Evidence Technology Pty Ltd – an electronic evidence and court video conferencing solution provider which developed Australia’s first eCourt.

About Professor Fred Lederer

As the founder and director of The Center for Legal and Court Technology, Professor Fred Lederer is recognised around the globe as a leading judicial technology expert. He was instrumental in the creation of the world’s most technologically advanced trial and appellate courtroom – the McGlothlin Courtroom – at the University of William & Mary in Virginia, where he is a Chancellor Professor of Law.