Auscript providing real-time transcription throughout class action in Sydney

News9Auscript Australasia Pty Ltd (Auscript) is providing real-time transcription throughout a 16 week class action, involving almost 2000 Australians, in the Federal Court in Sydney.

Auscript will continually have two stenographers based in the Court, to produce real-time transcripts for all parties throughout the case.

Auscript General Manager Kate Gaske said Auscript’s real-time service enabled electronic transcripts to be viewed and interacted with as the case happened, just seconds behind the spoken word.

“The technology we use has the capability to instantly convert stenographic notes into text, which is then displayed on each person’s laptop screen. We then progressively deliver the finalised official transcript within hours of the court’s adjournment,” Ms Gaske said.

“Real-time is particularly beneficial for class actions where there are multiple parties involved in a matter that extends over a long period of time.

“Auscript’s real-time transcription service enables those involved to instantaneously mark-up and annotate relevant areas of the transcript for further action and users can electronically search the entire document for specific speakers and issues which have already occurred.

“This can be done by users in the courtroom, as well as by those back in the office or from anywhere in world as a result of the secure remote access Auscript provides.”

With hundreds of witnesses and extensive evidence to be presented throughout the case, Auscript is expecting nearly 2.5million words to be spoken and the final transcript document to be more than 8,300 pages.

Ms Gaske said Auscript was the industry leader in the provision of high speed transcription services with the highest quality ratings in the country at 99 per cent raw accuracy.

“With technology advancements and a growing desire by the legal community to increase access to justice, the requirement for real-time and progressive transcripts is continuing to increase,” she said.

“Most jurisdictions seem to be quickly moving away from paper-based courtrooms with the Federal Court recently introducing a mandatory eLodgement system for parties to electronically file court documents.”

Auscript’s parent company, Record Holdings, was awarded by BRW as one of Australia’s Most Innovative Companies in 2014 for its commitment to providing advanced access to court proceedings.

For more information about Auscript’s recording and transcription services visit or phone 1800 AUSCRIPT (1800 287 274).