Auscript’s quality excellence recognised by international standards

After a rigorous audit of Auscript’s Quality Management System, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has upgraded the company’s certification, also noting the enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to excellence amongst the Auscript team.

“I would like to express my appreciation for everyone’s commitment, passion and professionalism highlighted during the recent external audit in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne offices,” said Auscript’s Governance and Project Officer, Janine Heinemann.

“Auscript’s Quality Training and Assurance Team views every transcript as a reliable, accurate piece of evidence and an opportunity to provide a useful tool for future advocacy,” Ms Heinemann said.

It’s this dedication and level of care that’s behind Auscript’s guaranteed transcription quality as an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider with the highest raw accuracy rating of 99.5%.

The Quality Team ensures this excellence by upholding Auscript’s Quality Management System and driving process improvements across the organisation.

  • Creating training tools for onboarding and continuous learning keeps all staff highly skilled.
  • Developing style guides for all jurisdictions maintains consistent standards.
  • Investigating Corrective And Preventive Actions (CAPAs) maintains accountability.
  • Stringent quality assurance checks and audits identify procedure and process improvements.

With Quality and Training Officers applying high standards and overseeing jurisdictions in Australia and the UK, the team is able to ensure Auscript consistently and continually produce the most accurate transcripts for courts around the world.

Auscript’s quality standards and ISO 9001 certification have clear benefits in terms of operations, employee engagement and client satisfaction. Independently audited, ISO certification is recognised worldwide, which increases reliability in both national and international markets.

“While we have significantly expanded around the globe, we are proud to still put quality at the heart of everything we do—because the courts and justice system depend on it. With the company’s current growth and innovative vision, ISO certification is a must-have,” said Kate Gaske, Auscript Chief Operating Officer.