Charting the courts: helping vulnerable women navigate the legal system

International Women’s Day is the ideal time to salute homegrown heroes who support Queensland women through their toughest times.

The theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is “Leave no woman behind”, which perfectly describes the work of Women’s Legal Service (WLS), an organisation providing free legal and social work services to Queensland women.

This year alone, WLS will provide help to over 11,000 Queensland women in the areas of family law, child support, domestic violence and child protection, as well as providing community legal education.

Their work is made possible by over 180 volunteer lawyers, support workers and pro bono counsel, as well as administration, marketing, events and HR volunteers.

Government funding allows the service to help thousands of Queensland women – but additional support is needed to help many thousands more who contact WLS every year.

As an industry-leading provider of court recording and transcription services globally, Auscript is proud to support WLS’s work and philosophy.

Auscript’s Chief Operating Officer, Kate Gaske said WLS combines everything the company believes in.

“We are a Queensland-born company with the justice system at our core,” she said. “We’re also a keen supporter of female representation and participation at all levels of society.”

So, as we celebrate International Women’s Day, we encourage our fellow Queenslanders to recognise the truly amazing work of WLS and support this vital community organisation if they can.”

Want to help WLS deliver its crucial frontline services to women in need? Find out how.