Court Transcripts

Auscript has provided services to the Family Court of Australia for more than 24 years.

The Family Court is a superior court of record which aims to resolve complex family legal disputes, including parenting and financial cases.

In 2009, Auscript rolled out its digital recording systems across all 130 Family Court courtrooms. In 2014, Auscript was re-awarded the exclusive contract for digital recording and transcription management for the Family Court. As part of this, we carried out a complete refresh of all recording infrastructure and software. Today, we remotely record and monitor all Family Court proceedings using our secure network. Our skilled Audio Transcribers type proceedings within minutes of the spoken word – allowing fast delivery of an accurate transcript.


Who can order a transcript or recording?

  • Judiciary
  • Court staff
  • Parties involved in the proceedings (applicants and respondents).

Please note that not all audio recordings of all matters heard in the Family Court are available for review or purchase. Approval is granted at the Court’s discretion.

Turnaround Times


The draft transcript of the morning session is delivered by 2 pm, with the final transcript of the whole day delivered by 6 pm. Progressive transcripts must be ordered and confirmed by 4:30 pm the day before the matter sits. 

Same Day

Final transcript of whole day’s proceedings are delivered by 6 pm. Same Day transcripts must be ordered the day before the matter sits by 4:30 pm. If matters sit past 4:15 pm, a partial will be delivered by 6 pm.  The remaining transcript will arrive by 10 am the next business day.

Next Day

Final transcript delivered within 24-hours of the order confirmation.

3 Day

Final transcript delivered by 4 pm within three business days of the order confirmation.

5 Day

Final transcript delivered by 4 pm within five business days of the order confirmation.

10 Day

Final transcript delivered by 4 pm within 10 business days of the order confirmation.

We can accept requests for urgent transcripts at any time.

You can select your delivery preference when ordering:

  • Email
  • Hardcopy delivered by mail or by a Courier
  • access can be provided so you can securely stream court recorded audio *
  • A CD of the recordings can be delivered by mail or Courier.*

*Access to court audio (through or CD) must be granted by the court registry, and will only be available on site at the registry.

Transcript costs can vary greatly depending on how many words are spoken in each matter. The average hearing results in approximately 140 words being spoken per minute. Click on Quick Calculator for an estimate of costs.

You can choose the exact period of proceedings you require so you only pay for what you need.

No. Sharing transcripts is a direct breach of copyright. In instances where transcript sharing is suspected or admitted to, Auscript reserves the right to withhold services.