Court Transcripts

Auscript, a VIQ Solutions Company, providing recording and transcription services to the Queensland Courts.

VIQ Solutions is now contracted to provide digital recording, transcription management and transcript production services for the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG).

Beginning Monday, 11 July 2022, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) is moving to a new way to deliver recording and transcription services across the Queensland Courts and Tribunals. Auscript is pleased to continue to provide services to the Queensland Courts and Tribunals under the VIQ Solutions banner.

Ordering a Transcript - QTranscripts

For the Queensland Courts that have transitioned to the new ordering platform, please select VIQ Solutions from the QTranscripts Order Portal to place a new order or request an instant estimate.

What courts are serviced?

  • Magistrates Court – The Magistrates Court is the first level of the Queensland Courts system. Most criminal cases are first heard, in some form, in this court. Most civil actions are also heard here.
  • District Court – The District Court deals with serious criminal offences such as rape, armed robbery and fraud. Juries are used to decide if defendants are guilty or not guilty.
  • Supreme Court – The Supreme Court is the highest court in Queensland and includes the Trial Division and the Court of Appeal.
  • Childrens Court (Magistrates and District Court) –  Magistrates and District Court matters involving juveniles (people under the age of 17) are handled in a special court known as Childrens Court.  Childrens Court matters are heard in a closed court.
  • Coroners Court – The Coroners Court is responsible for investigating reportable deaths that occur in Queensland.
  • Court of Appeal – The Court of Appeal is a division of the Supreme Court and hears all appeals from the Supreme and District Courts and many tribunals.
  • Mental Health Court – The Mental Health Court decides the state of mind of people charged with criminal offences.
  • Planning and Environment Court – The Planning and Environment Court hears matters relating to planning and development, protection for environment and coasts, marine parks, conservation areas and more parks, etc.
  • Land Court and Land Appeal Court – The Land Court of Queensland hears and determines matters relating to land and natural resources, and appeals from the Land Court are heard by the Land Appeal Court.
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal – QCAT is an independent tribunal which actively resolves disputes in a way that is fair, just, accessible, quick and inexpensive.
  • Queensland Industrial Court – The Industrial Court hears appeals on error of law or lack or excess of jurisdiction against decisions of the Commission, Industrial Registrar or Industrial Magistrates.