Court Transcripts

Auscript, a VIQ Solutions Company, providing recording and transcription services to the Queensland Courts.

VIQ Solutions is now contracted to provide digital recording, transcription management and transcript production services for the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG).

Beginning Monday, 11 July 2022, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) is moving to a new way to deliver recording and transcription services across the Queensland Courts and Tribunals. Auscript is pleased to continue to provide services to the Queensland Courts and Tribunals under the VIQ Solutions banner. The migration to the new audio and transcription ordering platform, QTranscripts, will roll out in stages and throughout this period, Auscript will gradually reduce its service provision under the current arrangement.

All current clients will need to be mindful when to commence ordering via QTranscripts and when to discontinue ordering via Auscript and the MyAuscript portal.

Once the transition is complete, all Client engagement will be directly managed by DJAG.

Auscript will continue to provide transcription services under the direction of DJAG and administered via the QTranscripts platform.

For further information on this transition including when and how to place a new request via QTranscripts, please follow the link provided –

Ordering a Transcript - QTranscripts

For the Queensland Courts that have transitioned to the new ordering platform, please select VIQ Solutions from the QTranscripts Order Portal to place a new order or request an instant estimate.

Ordering a Transcript - Non-transitioned Courts

For Queensland Courts that have not transitioned to the new ordering platform. Please visit the official Department of Justice page for additional information.

What courts are serviced?

  • Magistrates Court – The Magistrates Court is the first level of the Queensland Courts system. Most criminal cases are first heard, in some form, in this court. Most civil actions are also heard here.
  • District Court – The District Court deals with serious criminal offences such as rape, armed robbery and fraud. Juries are used to decide if defendants are guilty or not guilty.
  • Supreme Court – The Supreme Court is the highest court in Queensland and includes the Trial Division and the Court of Appeal.
  • Childrens Court (Magistrates and District Court) –  Magistrates and District Court matters involving juveniles (people under the age of 17) are handled in a special court known as Childrens Court.  Childrens Court matters are heard in a closed court.
  • Coroners Court – The Coroners Court is responsible for investigating reportable deaths that occur in Queensland.
  • Court of Appeal – The Court of Appeal is a division of the Supreme Court and hears all appeals from the Supreme and District Courts and many tribunals.
  • Mental Health Court – The Mental Health Court decides the state of mind of people charged with criminal offences.
  • Planning and Environment Court – The Planning and Environment Court hears matters relating to planning and development, protection for environment and coasts, marine parks, conservation areas and more parks, etc.
  • Land Court and Land Appeal Court – The Land Court of Queensland hears and determines matters relating to land and natural resources, and appeals from the Land Court are heard by the Land Appeal Court.
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal – QCAT is an independent tribunal which actively resolves disputes in a way that is fair, just, accessible, quick and inexpensive.
  • Queensland Industrial Court – The Industrial Court hears appeals on error of law or lack or excess of jurisdiction against decisions of the Commission, Industrial Registrar or Industrial Magistrates.

Who can order a transcript?

  • Judiciary
  • Court staff
  • Parties involved in the proceedings
  • Non-involved Parties
  • Members of the media
  • Members of the public.

Access to transcripts for non-parties, and in certain cases parties, must be approved by the Department of Justice.

Access to audio must be granted by the Department of Justice in all instances for both parties and non-parties.

Turnaround Times


Delivery of the electronic transcript seconds behind the spoken word both in the Courtroom and to remote clients, giving you the ability to flag events and take notes in the transcript instantaneously. Make an enquiry now.

Same Day

Final transcript of whole day’s proceedings are delivered by 6 pm. Same Day transcripts must be ordered and confirmed* before 9 am on the day the matter occurs. If matters sit past 4:30 pm, a partial will be delivered by 6 pm. The remaining transcript will arrive by 9:30 am the next business day.

1 Day

Final transcript delivered within 24-hours of order confirmation. Where the day after receipt of the order is a non business day, the transcript will be delivered on the next business day.

2 Day

Final transcript delivered by 5 pm within two business days of the order confirmation.

*Terms and conditions apply.

3 Day

Final transcript delivered by 5 pm within three business days of the order confirmation.

Revisable 3 Day

All revisable transcripts will be produced and delivered to the Judge unrevised on a 3 Day turnaround. Upon receiving the revised transcript from the Judge, Auscript will deliver the revised transcript. If it is a Supreme Court matter, and we do not receive a revised transcript, Auscript will deliver the transcript Issued Subject to Correction after 10 business days of the unrevised transcript being delivered.

5 Day

Final transcript delivered by 5 pm within five business days of the order confirmation.

10 Day

Final transcript delivered by 5 pm within 10 business days of the order confirmation.

  • Order quickly and easily through our online portal
  • Victim of a Personal Offence Fee Waiver Application Form – download order form
  • Financial Hardship Fee Waiver Application – download order form
  • Request for Audio – download order form

You can select your delivery preference when ordering:

  • Email
  • Hardcopy delivered by mail or by a Courier
  • access can be provided so you can securely stream court recorded audio
  • A CD of the recordings can be delivered by mail or Courier.

Transcript costs can vary greatly depending on how many words are spoken in each hearing. The average hearing results in approximately 140 words being spoken per minute; however,  the cost of your transcript depends on the length of the matter you require to be transcribed and how fast or slow participants are speaking. Click on Quick Calculator for an estimate of costs.

You can choose the exact period of proceedings you require so you only pay for what you need.

No. Sharing transcripts is a direct breach of copyright. In instances where transcript sharing is suspected or admitted to, Auscript reserves the right to withhold services.

For matters in the Queensland Courts the Department of Justice and the Attorney General can approve a fee waiver to clients who demonstrate financial hardship. A financial hardship fee waiver application form is available here. The application form must be completed and supporting documentation provided to assist in making an informed assessment of your current financial situation, so a decision can be made on your fee waiver eligibility. Auscript will forward this information to the Queensland Courts Service for their assessment.

The types of supporting documents you can provide include:

  • Copy of your bank statement/s (minimum 3 months of transactions).
  • Pay Slips, Payment Summaries and Income Tax Assessment Notice.
  • Centrelink statement that details the amount and type of benefit you receive.
  • Copy of Pension card or Health Care card.
  • Any other supporting documentation that may assist your application for a financial hardship fee waiver.

If you are unable to provide the information required for the Fee Waiver Application Form or have any queries, please contact our Client Services Team.

Please note: Your Fee Waiver Application will be assessed regarding the requested hearing dates only. Any future requests for transcripts will require a new Fee Waiver Application to be lodged for assessment.

The Department of Justice and Attorney General can approve a fee waiver to clients who are a victim of a personal offence for matters heard in the criminal jurisdiction of the Supreme and District Courts.  A Victim of a Personal Offence fee waiver application form is available here.