Highest-quality service to the courts

We’re going ‘behind the scenes’ with Client Services – one of the many teams that help deliver over 2.5 million pages of Auscript’s transcripts on-time, precisely and securely each year to our clients across Australia.

As one of Auscript’s frontline teams, Client Services receives and processes hundreds of court transcript orders each day for judicial officers, lawyers and parties to proceedings and liaises with court users throughout the production process.

The team drives efficiency and cost effectiveness for our clients, working with curiosity to respond to enquiries and making the job of ordering a transcript easy – so it is one less thing to worry about in the often stressful process of preparing for court.

Client Services Supervisor, Anneli thrives on these challenges – “I get a deep sense of satisfaction when helping clients in one way or another.”

So what does a ‘day’ look like for Client Services?

The team’s day begins with a bit of detective work – obtaining hearing details, locating matter titles, courtrooms and parties to proceedings – to provide accurate cost estimates for transcripts. Liaising with the Auscript production team of annotators, allocators, mergers and central monitoring throughout the day, the team also ensures all transcript requests are on-track to be delivered within the required turnaround.

Communication with courtroom staff, associates, clerks and judicial officers is a key part of the team’s role in preparing some 9,000 estimates and reviewing more than 80,000 hearings each year. The relentless attention to detail and care Client Services brings to every phone call, email and hand-written letter has raised the bar in terms of the service our clients have come to expect from Auscript over the years.

“It’s hugely satisfying when we receive positive feedback from our customers – it is a sign both our team and the business are performing well,” says Client Services Team Leader, Angela.

Understanding that timing is everything –

Whether you are a judge, lawyer or party preparing for a case, the Client Services Team’s mission is to make requesting and receiving a court transcript simple and quick.

That is why Auscript offers an exclusive online portal for requesting estimates and ordering transcripts in addition to contacting Client Services directly. MyAuscript also allows court users to easily track the progress of their transcripts, many of which are Same Day orders to be delivered by 6pm on the day the matter is heard.

Though Auscript transcripts can be easily ordered and tracked online, the Client Services team is always on-hand to prepare quick estimates, promptly process orders, provide product training and discuss technical aspects of our products by phone 1800 AUSCRIPT (1800 287 274) or email

With deep knowledge across all jurisdictions and a recent expansion in Victoria and the UK, our elite Client Services team offers court users around Australia – and the world – total confidence and peace of mind that the accurate court record is delivered on-time—when and where you need it.