Holding court at home: the new world of audio transcribers

Imagine if your typical day “working from home” would help support justice in our courts? That’s the reality for hundreds of Auscript audio transcribers across the country (and world) whose jobs support our justice system.

Queensland-born global company Auscript has supported flexible working conditions for decades – because they lie at the very heart of its business model.

As an industry-leading provider of digital court recording and transcription services, Auscript’s advantage is its community of stenographers, court reporters and audio transcribers based around Australia and the world. Wherever they are, they work to deliver high volumes of accurate transcripts quickly – supported by great production methods and best-of-breed hardware and software.

In 2018, Auscript celebrates five years of servicing Queensland and Western Australia courts – and Jayne Tovey is one of the audio transcribers behind this crucial service.

Jayne has worked for Auscript for four years, from her home 30 minutes north of Perth.

“I’d worked as an office manager in an aged-care facility and decided to branch out on my own, providing freelance administrative support,” she said. “I’m a stickler for detail, always loved language and had done dictaphone typing when I worked in insurance, so working as a contractor for Auscript made sense.

“Of course, there’s also the flexibility of working my own hours. I wish I’d known this existed when my girls were younger as it would have given me the perfect balance.”

For Jayne, there’s also the buzz of making a difference.

“It’s amazing when I hear my transcript used to clarify facts in a case or support answers from a police interview. Lawyers and other parties use my work to steer the course of the investigation or pursue justice – and a transcript is a quick, easy and reliable way to get on with the case.”

Jayne is proud of her work – and the modern way she does it.

“Some members of the public picture people sitting in court rooms and antiquated machines. They’re surprised that I work from home, covering cases not only here in Western Australia but also on the other side of the country in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory. And I’m doing it with incredible digital technology backed by excellent tech support.”

Jayne adds that she never feels isolated as, although it might be ‘virtual’, smart processes and systems means she often works with the same small team “and Auscript certainly makes us feel fully informed and part of the bigger picture”.

Jayne says the job widens your view of the world and provides a good dose of empathy.

“It’s amazing what people go through to get justice and I’m proud to be a part of that.”