Improving service to our customers

Several of our valued Auscript customers have experienced transcript delays this year and we want to take this opportunity to apologise and provide you with an update on the strategies we have in place to improve our service.

Through these unprecedented times, we have seen a greater demand variance for transcripts than anticipated. We’ve taken the opportunity to refocus and implement strategies to continue delivering on our mission of enabling justice every day through every transcript. One of these strategies is introducing a new team structure to align with our commitment to our customers.

Whether you are a self-represented litigant, a judge’s associate or a solicitor defending your client, our customers are supported by two teams working together, Customer Success and Customer Advocacy.  

Our Customer Success Team is focused on supporting our customers through the end-to-end transcript ordering experience – from the initial order through to delivery of a high-quality transcript.

This includes developing more efficient workflows, quality checking transcripts, implementing new training processes, providing customer support and hand-typing transcripts.

Supported by Tony Douglass, Auscript President and a pioneer in the judicial technology and transcription sectors, our Customer Success Team are all working toward delivering the highest quality transcripts on time, so our customers are prepared for their time in court.

“I look forward to seeing our Customer Success Team bring their different areas of expertise together and work toward our goal of providing the highest quality transcripts for our customers,” said Tony.

Customer Advocacy, led by Jessica Oey, Vice President of Customer Advocacy, are partners in justice delivery for the legal community and court clients, acting as their champions within the organisation.

“Our focus is ensuring a positive experience for all of our customers, by building long-term relationships and being attuned to the needs of barristers, solicitors and self-represented litigants who rely on our transcripts,” said Jessica.

In addition to the dedicated team structure, we are currently making a range of system improvements and actively recruiting new team members. We understand that timely access to accurate transcripts is an integral part of the justice process and we will continue to work with the Courts to ensure that our goals and priorities are aligned to the justice system demand, including any listings backlogs as a result of COVID-19.