Let the record show

Court transcripts are considered crucial to court cases. We’re providing a ‘behind the scenes’ look at some of the people who produce Auscript transcripts for our justice system.

In 2018, Auscript celebrates five years of servicing Queensland and Western Australian courts – and Marilyn Beck is one of Auscript’s audio transcribers behind this crucial service.

A “free spirit” by nature, Marilyn started working in transcription services 30 years ago. Since then, it has taken her all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, the Dandenong Ranges, Tasmania – and now she works from home in Western Australia.

“Working for Auscript at home suits me perfectly as I don’t like being curtailed by the 9 to 5, and I want the freedom to live wherever I want,” she says. “It also suits me physically as I’m a piano player and I have finger strength, stamina and coordination needed and I just enjoy it.”

Marilyn says court transcription is far from boring.

“I cover cases here in Western Australia but also right over in Queensland. I find the Family Court cases that involve human relationships really interesting. So many different people, lives and situations you wouldn’t otherwise come across,” she says.

“I also like the urgency – and the importance of what we are doing. I’ve seen firsthand how heavily judgments rely on transcripts. During court cases, lawyers and judges constantly quote from transcripts and it gives me a strong sense of their significance while making me proud.”

Marilyn has seen incredible changes in her working life.

“When I first started, there weren’t even computers. Now it’s like magic: my work is ready to go as soon as I log on. Because I work remotely, technology is essential and I’m fortunate to be backed by For the Record software that can do so much with excellent clarity.”

For Marilyn, working remotely doesn’t mean feeling remote.

“Auscript is a team culture: we have the processes and systems in place to share documents, exchange information and ask questions. It’s so easy to see your place in the bigger picture of the business and the justice system itself.”