Our Company

Why Auscript?


Fast and on time

We transcribe over two million pages annually – with delivery options available as quickly as within seconds of the spoken word.

Guaranteed quality

We produce transcripts to high accuracy ratings and capture audio with absolute clarity.

Fail-safe recording

We never miss a recording – ever – capturing hundreds of thousands of hours of audio across thousands of courtrooms globally – including over 400 courtrooms in Australia and over 800 courtrooms across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Simple and transparent

Our transcription production platform provides online ordering and tracking of every transcript in the production cycle, with full access to analytics to measure our performance.

Robust security

We securely transfer audio and transcripts via our 128-bit SSL encrypted WAN, and offer dual redundancy with two back-up data centres.

100% hand-made

Every transcript is hand-made by our skilled Audio Transcribers and Stenographers who type between 80 to 250 words per minute.

Cost effective

We offer a range of formats and delivery options and enable you to specify the exact time of proceedings you need transcribed – so you only order and pay for what you need.


Through our research and development, we continually seek out and investigate the next wave of efficiencies which can be gained in court recording and transcription.
Pages transcribed annually
Raw accuracy rate
Hours of court recordings captured each month

How We Work

Local responsibility

The State Managers and Production Supervisors in each office are the frontline team that work daily with clients to deliver services on the ground.

Central control

The Allocations Team track all workflow centrally, with the ability to assess performance across all offices.

24/7 technical support

Auscript’s Information Systems and Services provides AV and IT technicians to ensure we always record and always have a backup across courtrooms and hearing rooms.

Guaranteed Quality

We measure everything to improve our performance and give you full visibility:

Employees working in the Auscript office
  • Testing of all recording PCs every morning
  • Live monitoring of entire production process via our transcript production platform
  • Every transcript is hand-typed by security-cleared Audio Transcribers, with minimum typing speed of 80 words per minute and accuracy of at least 98.25%
  • Centralised monitoring to evaluate and trace poor audio identified during transcript production
  • Quality checks of every final transcript by a Document Merger or Production Supervisor before delivery
  • Random and scheduled quality audits every month of all staff, based on a system weighted towards quality and accuracy, over speed
  • Capturing customer feedback on every transcript and regular client satisfaction surveys
  • Detailed and transparent performance reporting.

Our Values

  • Doing What’s Right: We’re empowered to act with responsibility. Knowing what is right, we own challenges and find solutions, and we work with speed but care at all times
  • Elite Performance: Every day we provide outstanding solutions and services to our customers, we never give up, and we’re accountable for our performance (which is highly measurable)
  • Collaborative Innovation: We work with restless curiosity, and we ask and find answers to hard questions. We use our real-word experience and domain knowledge to turn ideas into solutions and set new industry standards.

Our Behaviours

  • Accuracy + Speed: We’re incredibly efficient but we never cut corners or compromise on accuracy. Quality is key
  • Accountability: We take full responsibility for our actions and decisions
  • One Global Team: We work as part of one team, and are supportive of each other and respectful of differences
  • Boldness: We’re energised by challenges, and empowered to propose new ideas
  • Focus: We’re focused on our customers and end users, and we work with purpose.

Our Digital Journey

Beginning in 1921 as the Commonwealth Reporting Service, today we are recognised by the likes of the Financial Review as one of Australia’s most innovative and entrepreneurial companies.

Tony Douglass and Peter Wyatt purchased Auscript in 2004. They combined their skills in music recording and risk management to transform transcription from a delayed analogue process into a fast digital one that produces crisp audio and accurate transcripts.

When Peter and Tony purchased Auscript, staff had to physically run tapes between courthouses and our offices in order to transcribe the tape recorded audio. As the day got shorter so too did the tapes! It was the sight of the Auscript office hallways lined with jogging shoes that inspired Peter and Tony’s plan to remove the outdated analogue scheme and introduce the world’s first digital recording and transcript production methodology.

Thanks to their ingenuity, clients now have instant and secure access to the court record, providing them with the flexibility to follow matters from anywhere, anytime.