Reliable quality and complete audio capture is key. It underpins the entire court reporting lifecycle.

We’ve combined our in-court transcription experience with For The Record’s recording technology expertise to develop solutions that have become the standard choice for courts seeking to reliably digitise the spoken word and create a clear and complete court record.

Our integrated end-to-end digital court recording and transcription offering includes the following solutions:

  • Process Review
  • Solution Design
  • Transformation Initiatives.

  • Technology Support, Repair & Maintenance
  • Software Support & Assurance.

  • Recording Infrastructure
  • Courtroom Technology
  • Recording Software.

  • Storage & Archiving
  • Recording System Monitoring
  • Recording Monitoring & Annotation
  • Transcription Management
  • Transcript Production.

  • System Installation
  • Technology Integration
  • 3rd Party System Integration.

  • Online Transcript Ordering & Delivery
  • Online Recording Ordering & Playback
  • Transcript Analysis.

Auscript provides courts with failsafe recording systems and gives judges and lawyers fast, reliable access to court recordings and transcripts through the above solutions.

By combining our best of breed hardware solutions, For The Record’s world famous digital court recording software and Auscript’s leading transcript production method, we guarantee the delivery of a fast, precise and secure court record.

We help courts drive digital transformation and introduce new ways of working by providing reliable, fully integrated and easy tools and processes. After 27,000 installations across the globe, our solutions might be world-leading, but we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We develop exact solutions for courts of any size and at any stage of their digital journey. Our extensive offering is highly flexible to provide just the capabilities you need or the entire end-to-end service model.

Quality audio capture is critical to the delivery of broadcast quality audio and video, and a precise and fast transcript. That is why we are set up to support courts with solution design and technology implementation through to final delivery of a transcript.