From audio recording to final transcript delivery: Auscript, a VIQ Solutions company, is trusted to manage the entire end-to-end process across hundreds of courtrooms.

We are responsible for every piece – capturing, storage, production and delivery.

This is made possible through our secure network which links hundreds of courtrooms to our transcript production offices and dual data centres.

For the ultimate insurance against surprises, Auscript can provide automated, alert-driven “back to base” record monitoring and automated cloud storage with clear service level agreements.

We produce over 2 million pages of transcript each year, with the fastest turnarounds available in the world, and guaranteed quality.

Recording System Monitoring and Annotation

Auscript offers three options for recording and monitoring services:

  1. Central remote recording, monitoring and annotating: Auscript’s Support team can test, initiate and manage recording operations for hundreds of courtrooms – anywhere in the world. They use CourtChat to instantly communicate with Associates and Depositions Clerks to confirm details and produce log notes.
  2. In-court monitoring: We provide In-Court Monitors to carry out tests to ensure recording operations are functioning and place sessions into record. In-Court Monitors provide log notes in real-time.
  3. Onsite-remote monitoring: Based in a muster room onsite at the Court, Court Monitors centrally monitor, record and annotate sessions occurring in multiple courtrooms at once.

Transcript Production

Auscript can produce and deliver transcripts while a hearing is in progress through our proprietary systems:

  • TEx: the engine room that provides total visibility of the production cycle
  • LiveCopy: securely transfers audio from the recording PC over Auscript’s network in seconds, so that Transcribers can remain up to date
  • Transcript Creator: Auscript’s sophisticated MS Word-based processing platform which guides Document Mergers to create transcripts in accordance with style guides and formats.
Auscript’s Managed Court Services include:
  • Storage and Archiving
  • Recording System Monitoring
  • Annotation
  • Transcription Management
  • Transcript Production