Through direct customer engagement, Auscript, a VIQ Solutions Company, identified the courts’ need for a more cost-effective and efficient record.

We pioneered the high-volume (over 400 rooms) remote recording model in Australia and are experts in enabling courts to achieve more reliable service delivery with detailed reporting. Courts can now protect court governance while offering court users a digital experience that matches their life outside the courtroom.

Affordable, timely access to the record is important – whether it’s playing back a digital recording online or receiving a certified transcript – we can provide a great user experience for court stakeholders.

Auscript’s online customer services allow users to request transcripts and recordings, stream proceedings and access the court record from anywhere, anytime.

Online Transcript Ordering and Delivery

Our online portal provides a secure login to quickly and easily order, purchase and track recordings and transcripts.

  • Gain accurate estimates and delivery times
  • Request a transcript or audio
  • Upload their own audio to a secure portal
  • Select a preferred turnaround time and delivery method
  • Opt to pay online via credit card or charge to a client account
  • Track your order in real-time
  • Use the Live Chat feature to talk with support staff instantly
  • Download the transcript and invoice from a secure portal
  • Access CourtChat (instant messaging) or live stream audio

MyAuscript is accessible from any mobile device and compatible with PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones.

Our Client Services Team is available to answer your questions.

Auscript’s Online Customer Services include:
  • Online transcription ordering and delivery
  • Online recording ordering and playback
  • Transcript analysis.

Listen to any Courtroom from anywhere via the Web

Auscript delivers an online portal of courtroom recordings for judiciary, court staff and approved parties to stream proceedings. Live recordings are available within minutes after the spoken word, with audio playback and log note word search.

Why use our web streaming service?
  • Total, quality coverage: always available – it’s online all the time
  • Crystal clear playback: Our proprietary technology publishes every recording at broadcast quality, so it’s just like being in court
  • Finetune your performance: Within minutes, you can assess your team’s courtroom performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Take note, with confidence: Review your notes against the recording to clarify your thoughts
  • Focus on what matters: The simple controls help you to quickly pinpoint what you want to listen to, saving valuable time
  • Order what you need: Place transcript orders of specific segments, so you only pay for what you need
  • Support is never far away: Instant support 8am–6pm weekdays and 24/7 online.

Our streaming service is used daily by thousands of judicial officers, court staff and parties to proceedings. This access is audited and approved by the court.

Transcript Analysis

Auscript supports a range of transcript analysis applications, including LegalCraft products (Transcend and Transform), CaseViewNet, LiveNote and Transcript Analyser

These tools include hot keys that enable court users to:

  • Review and annotate transcripts in real-time scenarios
  • Flag themes and support research and argument preparation.