We have a strong track record in developing world-first recording and transcription technologies.

Auscript pioneers new technologies and partners with industry-leaders to bring the best solutions to the courtroom. We have a strong pedigree in developing industry-standard technologies in-house, as well as partnering with other best-in-class innovators to achieve the best possible client outcomes and user experience.

Recording Infrastructure

Our equipment and software captures broadcast quality audio and video recordings, which is relayed across Auscript’s secure WAN and assigned to our Audio Transcribers, which then allows us to produce transcripts as proceedings happen.

Our recording infrastructure enables us to provide:

Auscript provides failsafe recording solutions.

Quality audio drives everything. The clearer the recording, the faster and more accurate the transcript.

All of our technology can interconnect court infrastructure with our networks to digitally transport audio, video and log notes to Auscript’s production offices and data centres.

We provide the best hardware solutions from leading technology partners including:
  • Turnkey frame racked solution with digital audio interface
  • Two PCs in every court room (primary and backup)
  • 4 and 8 channel USB audio mixers
  • Digital Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) for teleconference and video conferencing, enabling communication as if both parties are speaking in the courtroom
  • For The Record Reporter Server which networks up to 16 courtrooms, providing up to 8 channels in each room (128 channels).
All of our recording infrastructure is:
  • Highly reliable: proven to run unattended 24/7
  • Remotely manageable: units can be managed remotely from the hardware level, whether on or off
  • Fully redundant: 99.99% uptime and availability
  • Easily repaired: modular components for rapid repair/swap out
  • Scalable: processor, disc and memory capacity support current and future requirements.
  • Energy efficient: low power consumption for cooler running, improved reliability and reduced cost
  • Compact: smaller size with low-noise moving parts, reducing impact in the working courtroom
  • Lightweight: light, portable solutions ensure ease of transport and reduce physical damage
  • Video-ready: all systems can capture a video feed from courtrooms
  • Network compatible: all solutions can be used in-court only or be interconnected to Auscript’s WAN.
We have built-in redundancies to ensure a recording is always made and that it always has a backup.

Courtroom Technology

Our courtroom technologies provide in-court control and can interconnect with Auscript’s network to enable our team to remotely start, monitor and stop recordings.

Auscript’s courtroom technologies include:

  • Near-field audio speaker for recording playback and automated system testing
  • Desk-mounted For The Record clocks that provide a visual indicator of recording status (active/inactive, sealed/unsealed)
  • Combined microphone mount and near-field audio speaker with mute switch
  • CourtChat software that enables court staff to instant message Auscript’s Centralised Monitoring Team.

Recording Software

Auscript uses FTR Gold recording software to capture a digital audio and video record, playback, annotate and archive proceedings of trials and hearings.

  • Audio recording of up to 8 channels in SD and HD format
  • Video recording of up to 4 channels of 1080p HD video
  • Advanced Portable Solution to provide high-quality recordings in remote and high security locations.
  • Simultaneous digital recording and playback.
  • Create custom keyboard shortcuts (user-defined keys) to assist with automated data entry for ease of LogNotes.
  • In-court and remote monitoring capability
  • Confidence Monitor to check audio quality in real-time.
  • Recording security and archiving suite
  • Automated replication of recorded audio and LogNotes to a local or network storage location.
Our technology provides secure and live transfer of audio
We can move audio:
  • Within 2 seconds behind the spoken word over our network
  • Within 20 seconds behind the spoken word over the internet

Our network has full trace capability – recording who received what, when – adding an extra layer of security.

Full Redundancy
Auscript provides the highest levels of recording redundancy in the world through:
  • Two recording devices in each courtroom (primary and a back-up)
  • Separate WAN with 128-bit SSL
  • Two back-up data centres and an enterprise grade Storage Area Network (SAN) that is automatically replicated between data centres.

Backup production facilities, with replicated Centralised Monitoring, Help Desk, Annotations and Production Teams to ensure we can continue to capture and produce the record should one of our main production facilities go offline.

Portable Solutions

Our Advanced Portable Solution mimics the fixed court recording environment in circuit/portable locations, and provides security levels suitable for highly restricted recordings.

This solution is best suited for:
  • Restricted or secure recordings
  • Time critical recording or transcription turnaround
  • Intense annotations
  • High fidelity recording.
Installations Globally

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