Auscript, a VIQ Solutions Company, is relied on to capture courtroom proceedings without fail.

Our support team provides fast, helpful assistance in resolving unexpected and unplanned technical issues, as well as ongoing engagement to ensure system health and a stringent testing regime.

We provide 24/7 IT and AV support from our central Helpdesk in Brisbane monitors over 400 courtrooms across Australia – with equipment tested daily.

The Support Team is assisted by local IT and AV technicians that can be quickly deployed to resolve any unplanned technical issues.

Technology Support, Repair and Maintenance

Auscript provides remote and on the ground AV and VC support (including repair). Support includes equipment implementation, failure management and root cause diagnosis as well as vendor management.

Our service:
  • Covers the hardware component of in-court audio recording systems implemented
  • Includes service level agreements on response times and on-site availability
  • Provides warranties over the life of the agreement.

Technical Monitoring

The Centralised Remote Monitoring and Support team can operate, maintain, and monitor recording infrastructure in every networked courtroom throughout the world.

Routine Testing

Auscript conducts automatic sound checks on all courtrooms as frequently as requested by the court – from every 30 seconds to at least once per week. This automated testing regime ensures rapid diagnosis and quick resolution of any issue – ensuring no disruption to the court.

24/7 Monitoring

Auscript proactively monitors all critical system functions 24/7 including network links, recording PCs, Auscript-owned courthouse servers, hard drives and other Auscript-maintained core infrastructure.

Our Helpdesk receives real-time alerts of potential systems failure or non-recording. The monitoring system displays the status on a customised video wall and sends alerts to rostered technicians’ smartphones for rapid rectification.

This monitoring service can be deployed across court-managed or Auscript-managed recording environments.

We can provide regular proactive checking of mission critical AV and VC systems to ensure:
  • Maximum uptime and reliability
  • Audio intelligibility and correct gain structure
  • Functionality, calibration and effectiveness
  • Control system capabilities
  • Useful service records and logging for long term analysis.

We provide a dashboard and detailed reporting including courtroom utilisation, system uptime, asset condition and lifecycle assessment.

Software Support and Assurance

Auscript offers three support levels: Standard, Premium, and Enterprise, which can be provided as part of a subscription licence or as an addition to a perpetual licence. These support packages:

  • Cover all major and minor upgrades to purchased software for the life of the agreement
  • Include access to on-demand phone, email and website support channels.


Auscript provides:
  • Automated daily push-to-cloud storage of recordings
  • Long-term archiving solutions
  • Amazon Web Services platform.

All electronic data assets (audio, video, transcripts, and Log Notes) are stored securely on enterprise SANs. Our dual data centres provide identical infrastructure at both sites to provide protection from disaster events.

Auscript backs up all electronic data assets to tape on a daily and weekly cycle. Copies of the tapes are kept in a climate-controlled storage facility, located separately from the data centres. In line with National Archives practices, Auscript subscribes to a four-step data preservation process: manifest, quarantine, preservation and storage.

We comply with court policies on record retention and disposal.