Transcription Services

Auscript, a VIQ Solutions Company, provides failsafe recording systems and gives our customers fast, reliable access to recordings and transcripts.

Auscript has offered faster, better evidence delivery since 1921. We care about audio clarity, security, accuracy and on-time transcript delivery.

Through technology, we record and transcribe matters simultaneously and can deliver transcripts just minutes behind the spoken word. Through significant investment in research and development, Auscript has been able to achieve unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy when delivering the record.

We are meticulous. Every Auscript transcript is produced by hand by our security-cleared Audio Transcribers and quality checked in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System before we deliver it.

With Auscript, you can expect broadcast quality recordings, fast transcript production and seamless delivery – all in a safe, secure and proven environment.

We offer a range of delivery options and you can order a transcript for the exact period of a proceeding’s recording – so you only pay for what you need. Delivery options include:
  • Web Streaming: Audio and video delivered anywhere, at any time via our secure online streaming application –
  • Real-Time: Delivery of the electronic transcript seconds behind the spoken word both in the courtroom and to remote clients
  • Progressive/Same Day: The Court and parties can receive a transcript of the morning session during the lunchtime adjournment and receive a final transcript within two hours of adjournment
  • Next Day: The completed transcript will be delivered on a 24-hour turnaround
  • Deferred: Transcripts can be delivered by close of business on requested turnarounds. From two day to 10 day delivery.

We offer recording and transcription services for the following events:

Transcribing taking place in a courtroom

Courts and Tribunals

Auscript brings the court and hearing rooms to you, when and where you need it, through our near-live audio recording and same-day transcript delivery service.

Woman Walking Auscript Office

Same Day Transcription

It’s the service when timing is everything. Our short lead times and flexible arrangements make it easy for the Court and parties requiring a fast, same day transcript.

Auscript staff members transcribing in real time


Want an instant transcript? Our network of Stenographers and Scopists produce transcripts within seconds of the spoken word.

Royal Commissions and Inquiries

We are trusted to deliver fast and high quality transcription services for Royal Commissions and Government Inquiries.

People at an arbitration


Auscript has experience in delivering fast recording and transcription services for arbitrations. With our portable solutions, we can help you reach a fast resolution.

Insurance Record of Interview

Auscript provides verbatim transcription services for some of the world’s largest insurers.

Close up of microphones

Media Conferences

Our portable solutions record and transcribe events wherever they happen 24-hours a day to meet the demands of the constant news cycle.

Close up of microphones

Government Agencies

Auscript provides quick access to public records and ensures secure transcription of confidential ones.

Close up of microphone

Corporate Events

We provide live recordings and transcription for public companies, insurance firms and media – so your customers can follow events as they happen.