Transcription Services

Evidence affects people's lives. People depend on us to capture every word.

Auscript, a VIQ Solutions Company, provides courts with failsafe recording systems and gives judges and parties fast, reliable access to court recordings and transcripts.

Our solutions and services models provide measurable improvements to digital court recording and transcription management processes while protecting court governance. We place control of the court record where it should be, in the hands of the court. The court always owns the content, and our secure systems ensure the court always approves orders and recipients before we produce or deliver any transcript, providing a full audit trail.

We care about audio clarity, security, accuracy and on-time transcript delivery. This is what our customers, judges and lawyers want and need. By working alongside our customers we’ve learned first-hand that a high-quality recording is critical to success. The clearer the audio and video recording, the faster and more accurate the transcript. All of our court solutions integrate to ensure the failsafe capture and distribution of a crystal clear audio recording, enabling our Audio Transcribers to hand-type proceedings as they happen and deliver accurate transcripts just seconds behind the spoken word.

A transcript will always be a key tool in advocacy and a vital record of evidence in justice systems around the world. When judges and lawyers get fast (same-day) access to high-quality transcripts, extraordinary efficiencies are gained in the litigation process. The result is better, faster and more cost-effective decision-making.