Court transcripts for civil and family matters across England and Wales and for the Crown Court in the South East Region

At Auscript, we have the people, processes and technologies to make ordering a civil and criminal court transcript easy while delivering them securely and on-time. From online estimates and ordering to responsive and flexible delivery timeframes, our court transcription services are simple, seamless and smart for court users and civil clients across England and Wales and those in the Crown Court in the South East Region.

Whatever the matter, Auscript, including WB Gurney & Sons and Margaret Wort & Co,  is trusted by courts, commissions, parliaments and tribunals across England and Wales to deliver the verbatim record and an accurate and timely court transcript.

We are honoured to be the Ministry of Justice’s exclusive transcription services provider for the Crown Court in the South East Region, and a preferred provider for the civil, family and tribunal transcription market in England and Wales.

We also provide our world-leading court transcription services to the Houses of Parliament, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, as well as the arbitration, deposition and general transcription market. Real-Time and Same Day transcription services are available when transcripts are required urgently.

The Auscript advantage is our local network of highly-skilled court reporters, stenographers, loggers and audio transcribers combined with our innovative technologies. Together, we have the potential to redefine how verbatim court reporting and court transcription services are delivered in the United Kingdom.


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