Auscript galvanizes growing team of UK transcribers

Auscript’s frontline team of locally based UK loggers, stenographers, short hand writers and audio transcribers attended a series of ‘meet and greet’ sessions late last year as part of the company’s unique engagement program.

Since launching into the UK court transcription market in June 2017, Auscript’s network of specialist freelancers has helped cement its position in the market.

Auscript’s Chief Operating Officer, Kate Gaske said the skilled production team work across England and Wales to deliver high volumes of court transcripts quickly.

“Our business model combines local specialist teams with innovative technologies to ensure precise, secure and timely court transcripts. We are passionate about providing ongoing employment opportunities for local loggers, stenographers, short hand writers and audio transcribers – with a positive and inclusive work culture,” Ms Gaske said.

To support this, the relaxed ‘face-to-face’ sessions allowed attendees to ask questions, gain feedback, pinpoint improvements and meet the UK Auscript HQ team, and be acknowledged for their ongoing contribution to Auscript’s success.

Most importantly, Ms Gaske says the regular team sessions would help the entire Auscript team work towards their common goal: setting the standard for both quality and reliability for court transcription services across England and Wales.