Auscript launches court transcription services across England and Wales

Auscript has commenced operations in England and Wales servicing the criminal and civil court transcription markets as a preferred provider for the Ministry of Justice.

Our world-leading transcription company is now covering civil and family court matters across England and Wales and is the exclusive transcription services provider for the Crown Court in the South East Region.

Known for delivering unprecedented levels of speed and accuracy in other parts of the world, Auscript will also offer Same Day court transcription services across England and Wales as well as cover the UK’s arbitration and general transcription market.

Auscript has already cemented its position in the local court transcription market, recently acquiring leading transcription companies WB Gurneys & Sons and Margaret Wort & Co.

Our business model combines local specialist teams with innovative technologies to deliver transcripts – precisely, securely and on-time.

Auscript’s Chief Operating Officer, Kate Gaske, said the United Kingdom represents a key market in Auscript’s global growth strategy and the company is well-established to deliver its leading transcription services via its highly skilled, local team to the courts.

“Our unique blend of people and innovation not only offers a modernised and more accessible justice system but also consistency of service and ongoing employment opportunities for local court reporters, stenographers and audio transcribers,” Ms Gaske said.

“By sharing our proven production methods, we hope to further develop local skills and set the standard for both quality and reliability for court transcription services in the United Kingdom.”