Auscript launches online tool for simple, swift transcript orders

Auscript has paved the way for even faster court transcript delivery, with a seamless online ordering tool.

By eliminating the need to download, complete and email manual forms, Auscript has shaved the ordering process to a couple of minutes with all details submitted instantly with a click.

While the manual method is still available to clients, fully automated ordering will save time and help to accelerate turnaround.

The online ordering process is complemented by a quick online estimator for clear and efficient decision-making.

Auscript’s Chief Operating Officer, Kate Gaske, said it is all part of the Company’s relentless focus on operational excellence with the goal of delivering fast, precise and secure transcripts.

“Our expansion into the United Kingdom brings so many opportunities. We are proud to provide court transcription services that are simple, seamless and smart for court users and civil clients across England and Wales and those in the Crown Court in the South East Region.”