The real legal benefits of instant transcription

For legal teams, judges and parties to court proceedings, real-time transcription offers a breakthrough.

Receiving an instantaneous verbatim transcript directly to a device – just split-seconds behind the spoken word – can have major benefits in terms of time, collaboration, clarity and in-court decision-making.

Auscript is the industry leader in delivering Real-Time Transcription Services throughout Australia and are now also offering our experience and service to UK clients.  

Our Real-Time service allows users to read transcripts on screen, in seconds, while proceedings are underway. They can immediately and securely search, annotate and share records with colleagues – to make informed decisions faster and reach resolutions sooner. 

The service gives lawyers, judges and arbitrators secure access to a live copy of the transcript, as it is spoken, on multiple devices, including laptops, PCs, tablets or iPads.

They can search and highlight keywords, phrases and exhibits as the hearing unfolds, flag and annotate key segments for later reference, comment and share notes with remote and office-based team members.

Auscript allocates Real-Time reporting to our certified network of highly-skilled stenographers and scopists who are proven to produce transcripts at over 230 words per minute. Our Real-Time technology instantly displays the stenographer’s transcript on each person’s laptop screen. We then progressively deliver the finalised official transcript within hours of the event’s adjournment.

The benefits of Real-Time transcription extend to civil proceedings, arbitrations, class actions, high-profile, multi-day and multi-party events, Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries as well as Annual General Meetings.