Transcription Services

Auscript cares about audio clarity, security, accuracy and on-time transcript delivery.

With highly-skilled resources positioned across the United Kingdom, Auscript services Courts, law firms, governments and parties – delivering high quality transcripts for court matters, arbitration and dispute resolution hearings, depositions and other important events requiring the record.

We offer recording and transcription services for the following events:

Arbitrations and Dispute Resolution

Auscript has experience in delivering fast recording and transcription services for arbitrations and dispute resolution. With portable recording and on-site or remote transcription, we offer both Same Day and Real Time services to help you reach a fast resolution.


Auscript manages depositions for law firms from around the world to ensure a fast, precise and secure record of evidence is captured.

Commissions and Inquiries

Auscript is trusted by the world’s top government agencies and law enforcement bodies to transcribe highly confidential and sensitive information for commissions and public inquiries.

Verbatim Reporting of Meetings and Events

We provide transcription services for our clients by a verbatim reporter attending a meeting in person and taking full notes of proceedings.