Transcription Services

At Auscript, we serve law firms across the UK by delivering transcripts for courts, arbitrations and dispute resolution hearings with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Transcription is what we do. It is our entire business and speciality. With this comes a deep understanding of client needs and a sole focus on delivering fast, accurate transcripts on-demand, when our clients need them.

We understand that our legal clients need the flexibility to choose the transcription service that suits the specific needs and budget of different cases, hearings and clients.

At Auscript, we offer an alternative and importantly, versatile services that give more choice:

Auscript gives clients more choice and control over timelines and budgets.

We understand that Real-Time is not always needed and is best suited when the record requires immediate review and actioning.

Auscript clients also have the option of choosing our fast Same Day transcription service for a more cost-effective option while still being delivered in time for end-of-day debriefs and next day preparations. Deferred services are also available.