Transcription Services

Instantly and securely search, annotate and share the transcript for fast decisions and resolutions.

Auscript’s highly-skilled Real-Time transcription team provides a verbatim transcript – on any device, anywhere –  just seconds behind the spoken word.

We will meticulously manage every detail of your Real-Time event – from your initial enquiry through to flexible support and the delivery of the highest quality final transcript.

Combining leading Real-Time software with our network of highly-skilled stenographers and For The Record (FTR) recording technology, Auscript’s Real-Time service ensures access to the most accurate, up-to-date record.

Auscript Real-Time transcription is ideal for:

  • Civil proceedings
  • Arbitrations
  • Class actions
  • High-profile, multi-day and multi-party events
  • Royal Commissions and Public Inquiries

Benefits of Auscript Real-Time services for the entire case team:

  • Securely access a live copy of the transcript, as it is spoken, on multiple devices (laptop, PC, tablet or iPad)
  • Easily search and highlight keywords, phrases and exhibits as the hearing unfolds
  • Instantly flag and annotate key segments within the transcript for later reference
  • Alert colleagues to urgent discoveries
  • Comment and share notes with office-based and international team members
  • Receive an email with the final daily transcript at no extra charge
  • Build your case with collective insight in real-time.

Contact us to learn more about the time you’ll save with Real-Time.

Auscript is the industry leader in delivering Real-Time transcription services throughout Australia and brings the same experience and expertise to the UK. With this, we understand that Real-Time is best suited when the record requires immediate review and actioning.

Auscript clients also have the option of choosing our fast Same Day transcription service for a more cost-effective option while still being delivered in time for end-of-day debriefs and next day preparations.


Auscript cannot provide Real-Time transcription services for matters within the Court of Appeal Criminal Division and Administrative Court, both located in the Royal Courts of Justice, London.

Auscript and Law In Order

Auscript’s Real-Time transcription combined with Law In Order’s eHearing services offer a Real-Time court document management choice for UK law firms.