Turnaround Times

Auscript’s speciality is Same Day transcripts produced at speed and at scale, with guaranteed accuracy.

With our quality same day transcription services you have more choice and control over timelines and budgets.

We understand that Real-Time is not always needed and is best suited when the record requires immediate review and actioning. Auscript clients have the option of choosing our fast, Same Day transcription service for a more cost-effective option, while still accessing a final transcript within 2-3 hours of adjournment to help with end-of-day debriefs and next day preparations.*

Same Day is suitable:

  • for a more cost-effective solution
  • when you don’t require Real-Time
  • to receive, review and mark up the day’s proceedings within 2-3 hours of its conclusion
  • for reviewing and marking up part of the transcript progressively during the day
  • when the nature of the hearing is highly technical or complex as the audio can be split between multiple skilled transcribers to ensure on-time delivery.

Auscript’s Same Day team consists of an in-room monitor, remote audio transcribers, loggers, mergers and quality assurance officers.

Our short lead times and flexible arrangements make it easy to secure Same Day transcription services.

*Conditions apply