Fast, precise and secure Official VCAT Transcripts — exclusive to Auscript.

Designed for use in and out of the hearing room, Auscript guarantees transcripts are 98.5% accurate and offers reliable and prompt transcript services to participants of matters heard by VCAT.


Why Auscript?

  • Guaranteed quality — we check that every transcript is over 98.5% accurate
  • Fast and always on time — we transcribe matters as soon as VCAT gives us the audio recording and aim to always meet the specified delivery deadline
  • Cost-effective — we offer a range of delivery times and enable you to specify the exact time of proceedings, so you only order and pay for what you need
  • Peace of mind — all staff hold security clearances and all transcription is carried out in Australia
  • Multiple formats — we can deliver transcripts in many formats, including PDF and Word, so you can work with the record the way you want to
  • Flexible delivery — you can choose how to receive your transcript – via email or delivered by courier

Costs and Delivery Options

Transcript costs can vary greatly depending on how many words are spoken in each hearing. In QCAT, 1 hour of a hearing takes, on average, 4.5 hours to transcribe.

Ordering Transcripts

Download VCAT Order Form You can order a VCAT transcript today by completing and returning the order form.

Frequently asked questions

What is the ordering process?

To place an order, you will need to download the VCAT Order form. Once downloaded, you can print and return it to VCAT, who will send us the sound recording of your case. Click here and the file will download.

How will I get the transcript?

You will receive the transcript in PDF and Microsoft Word format via email. If you have requested a courier service, we will be in touch to finalise delivery details.

Can I share the transcript?

No. Sharing transcripts is a direct breach of copyright, and could lead to increases in transcript prices. In instances where transcript sharing is suspected or admitted to, Auscript reserves the right to withhold services.

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