Auscript offers legal firms the fastest, most precise access to court through high-quality recording and transcription services.

In 1921 Auscript began as the Commonwealth Reporting Service. Today, we record all proceedings in the Federal Court, Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court and the AAT, as well as assist in private matters.


Specialised Solutions


Courtroom proceedings, from the simple to the complex, captured and delivered with speed and precision. Auscript offers official end-of-day transcripts, real time transcript feeds and digital courtroom services.

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A complete record of your Alternative Dispute Resolution progress. The Auscript ADR service features a high-quality digital recording and transcription service that delivers court-quality results.

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US Depositions

The end-to-end US Deposition recording and/or transcription service. Our US Deposition team manages the capture, collation and delivery of deposition evidence to your US colleagues.

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