The adversarial legal process leads to heated, calculated exchanges that define the matter.

Our integrated recordings and official transcripts provide you with a verbatim account of proceedings to accurately frame your argument and strategically assess your opponent.


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The Auscript Litigation Solution

Auscript delivers fast, precise and secure recordings and transcripts—so you can follow events from anywhere. We record nearly 80% of court matters, appointed as the official court recorder for proceedings in the Federal Court, Family Court, Federal Magistrates Court , the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and other state jurisdictions.

  • Guaranteed quality — we check that every transcript is over 98.5% accurate
  • Fast and always on time — we transcribe matters as they happen, working around the clock to deliver progressive transcripts within minutes and final transcripts within two hours after adjournment
  • Cost-effective — we offer a range of delivery times and enable you to specify the exact time of proceedings, so you only order and pay for what you need
  • Peace of mind — all staff hold security clearances, and all transcription is carried out in Australia
  • Multiple formats — we can deliver transcripts in many formats, including PDF and Word, so you can work with the record the way you want to
  • Flexible delivery — you can choose how to receive your transcript – via email, stored on our secure MyAuscript site or delivered by courier


Audio Transcription

Auscript has perfected the process of turning the spoken word into text. Every transcript is produced ‘by hand’ in Australia: Auscript audio transcribers listen to audio as the hearing takes place and convert it into the final typed document.

Digital Audio Recording

The Auscript audio recording service is the cornerstone of our modern operations. Police-checked recording personnel can be on site to capture important events with full confidentiality or can dial in for remote recording services.

Real-Time Transcription

See and analyse a transcript on screen only seconds behind the spoken word as a stenographer takes down the record at over 230 words per minute. Stenographic court reporters are also used in US Depositions as well as eCourts.

Digital Litigation Technology

We work with the best in the industry to provide a seamless digital courtroom experience – from Court Book preparation to evidence display. Auscript can deliver a complete solution for large cases including digital Court Book, media access, transcript analysis software and real-time transcription.

Audio Portal (

(Coming Soon) Listen to any Commonwealth Court or Tribunal matter via the web as it happens. Nearing the end of piloting with various Australian courts, the audio streaming service promises to be an exciting development for Australia’s legal professionals.

Transcript Analysis

Auscript has partnered with Legalcraft to distribute ‘Transcend’, the next generation in transcript analysis software. Transcend is a powerful application for managing transcripts and lets users review historic and real-time transcripts as a single user or in collaboration with colleagues on desktop PCs, iPads and the web.

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