US Depositions demand a different approach to capturing evidence. They frequently necessitate videography, stenography and an intricate knowledge of jurisdictional standards.

Auscript has covered many significant depositions and manages the evidence collection and collation process on your behalf.


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Why Auscript?

We have managed the deposition process for many Australian firms, and in some cases, American firms seeking to use an objective deposition service. Skilled US Deposition reporters are hard to find, especially in Australia, where stenographer numbers are dropping. Auscript maintains a close network of Australia’s best writers and videographers to meet the call and will work with you to make sure the US Deposition is covered at all costs. We work with you to cover off the key dates and deponents, then after that, we will communicate with our network of skilled deposition professionals to identify the most appropriate resources, confirm availability and schedule them in.

In some cases this will require audio recording equipment only on premises; in others, we may need a full capture team (this varies by US state).

  • Guaranteed quality — we train all staff in industry terminology and guarantee that every transcript is over 98.5% accurate
  • Fast and always on time — we deliver transcripts as quickly as you need them and can prioritise urgent or important jobs ahead of your regular orders
  • Peace of mind — all staff hold security clearances, and all transcription is carried out in Australia
  • Multiple formats — we can deliver transcripts in many formats, including ASCII, PDF and Word, so you can work with the record the way you want to


Audio Transcription

Auscript has perfected the process of turning the spoken word into text. Every court transcript is produced ‘by hand’ in Australia: Auscript audio transcribers listen to audio as the hearing takes place and convert it into the final typed document.

Digital Audio Recording

The Auscript audio recording service is the cornerstone of our modern operations. Police checked recording personnel can be on site to capture important events with full confidentiality, or can dial in for remote recording services.

Real-Time Transcription

See and analyse a transcript on screen only seconds behind the spoken word as a stenographer takes down the record at over 230 words per minute.

Transcript Analysis

Auscript has partnered with Legalcraft to distribute ‘Transcend’, the next generation in transcript analysis software. Transcend is a powerful application for managing transcripts, and lets users review historic and realtime transcripts mode as a single user or in collaboration with colleagues on desktop PCs, the web and on iPad.

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